Live, Love & Parent Like You Mean It!

A three day virtual workshop to help you learn the tools you need to tackle parenthood

Brandee El-Attar

Parenting Coach

I’ll be teaching you the ONE THING that will COMPLETELY CHANGE your parenting game. It directly impacts the way you live, love and parent- every single day.


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Additionally, we'll dive into:

  • The THREE keys to setting your family up for success (day in and day out).

  • How to build your family foundation to 10x your cohesive & connectedness factors and take your relationships to the next level.

  • How to clear the mental clutter and train your mind to experience motherhood from a positive and powerful place.

  • How to fill your toolbox (with the right stuff) and implement these tools to achieve lasting behavioral change across your family unit.

  • How to lean into LESS and create simple, sustainable strategies that fit your unique family.

  • Finally, how to cast a family vision and proactively plan for the success you are seeking now and into the future!

You will walk away from our time together feeling like the calm, confident, connected parent you know you were called to be.

Your family reboot starts with you mama, what are you waiting for?

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